You Are Invited to The Power of Self Healing

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini invites his colleagues to a breakthrough webinar this Wednesday. The topic is going to be on the Power of Self-Healing – in short, how you can construct your daily life to heal from the inside out. He will share the latest evidence in science that reinforces the value of Chiropractic care. This webinar is designed not only for you as a DC and CA, but for your patients.  Let Dr. Fab promote you to your patients as the provider of choice!  Your patients will thank you, so please share with them the link. Remember is a FREE webinar. Registrations are open here:
Read on for Fab’s invitation.

Hey Doc,
What I am going to share with you today is something that I still struggle with, but I am conscious of the challenge and have put specific rhythms in place to hold me accountable.
So here we go…
Both you and I are servants.
We are willing to do whatever it takes to serve humanity so that people can experience more out of life.
When you think about your practice members you probably get tears of joy in your eyes simply because they are able to live out a better expression of who they are since entering your office.
I remember during my 9 years of practice there was nothing that I enjoyed more than turning the power back on for someone in need.
But one of the challenges of being a servant is that often you neglect the most important person to serve….
There are times when I am traveling, speaking, working, writing, and I simply do not make the time for my personal well-being.
And guess what happens…?
I don’t serve as well!
This is why I want to give you a gift, which happens to be the tool that I use to develop rhythm to hold my needs accountable for getting done.
My gift to you is a free webinar on December 9th at 8pm Eastern on The Power of Self-Healing.
What I plan on sharing during this live virtual event is what I practice in my life and during times when things get busy and stressful.  I want to ensure that you have what you need to thrive.
Click here  to learn more.
I am really excited to hear what you think so please feel free to send me an email with feedback.
My final thought for you today is the following…
On your quest to SERVE, please don’t forget that the number one priority in your life is to serve yourself first.