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Sign the Petition Opposing CE Policing

The FCA has received many calls from concerned members following our report on the CE rule changes currently being pursued by the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine that would add the following provisions and more:

  • A proposed SURVEILLANCE REQUIREMENT for attendees at in-person events.
  • TESTING REQUIREMENT for in-person event attendees. 
  • A requirement that you be VIDEO MONITORED when taking your on-demand CE’s.
  • FIVE-YEAR SUSPENSION for CE providers who don’t follow the new requirements.
  • LOWERED CE INSTRUCTOR CREDENTIALS to include no education, no chiropractic experience, and no accredited college sponsorship or faculty affiliation, requiring instead only six years’ experience “in the subject matter being taught.”  
  • Licensees able to REPEAT THE SAME ON-DEMAND COURSE for all 40 hours.  

If you would like to sign a petition opposing the onerous rule changes, click here to access the petition and instructions.