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Despite the Department’s and Board Counsel’s firm warnings and despite overwhelming public testimony in opposition, the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine on Thursday afternoon advanced a controversial rule change petition filed in November by a sole private vendor of on-demand continuing education. During their regular board meeting yesterday in Tampa, the state regulatory board responsible for setting policy for the profession and charged with protecting the public health voted 4 to 3 to advance sweeping changes overhauling current regulations for in-person CE offerings.

The changes originally brought forth in November by petitioner Dr. Rick Warner, CEO of GoLearn Network, include new, highly invasive levels of attendee monitoring at every entrance and exit point by an attendance monitor, “clear” video surveillance with date and time recording of everyone that enters and exits the classroom, and an attendance log that includes the attendee’s name, license number, and time of entry and exit. A testing requirement for in-person CEs passed yesterday after being approved 4 to 3 as an additional attendance monitoring feature at the January 18, 2022 workshop per a motion made by Board Vice-Chair and CE Chair Jason Comerford, DC.

The testing requirement forces the attendee of in-person CEs to take a test during each credit hour and answer at least 75% of the questions or retake the entire credit hour before the next credit hour can be attempted. FCA General Counsel Kim Driggers provided public comment opposing this testing provision as administratively difficult and costly to the end-user, the chiropractic physician attendee.