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FCA's Chiropractic Day at the Capitol was held last Tuesday and involved chiropractic physicians and students who took time from their practices and studies to visit legislators. Chiropractic Day at the Capitol has been an annual FCA-sponsored event for more than 25 years and is a vital part of the FCA lobby effort. Attendees educated legislators on the need to preserve Florida's no-fault auto insurance system, the need to expand awareness, funding and access to opioid alternative treatments as well as the safety and efficacy of chiropractic for a "conservative care first" approach to patient care.

"The response was terrific, as we heard positive chiropractic experience stories everywhere we went, from staff and legislators alike," said FCA President Jeremy Gordon, D.C. "In this early phase leading up to the session, as the process is just starting, all received us graciously and had a bit more time to thoughtfully hear from their constituent DC's and students."

Big thanks to the FCA lobby team and executive staff for coordinating this opportunity and to all who attended, taking time out from practice and studies to provide that voice from "back home" on a host of issues that impact the chiropractic environment in Florida. And, most of all, thank YOU for your membership and attendance at FCA live/virtual events as well as online learning through ChiroLearn: All of these provide the funds for FCA's lobbying activity that seeks to continually advance and protect your interests.

Chiro Day 2021



Brian Bickerton, DC , Jeff Bos, DC, Debra Brown Hagan

Autumn Burns , Shane Carter, DC , Allison Carvajal

Kim Driggers , Jennifer Durr , Keith Engler, DC

John Frazier, DC , Jennifer Gantzer, DC , Anna Gerteisen

Jeremy Gordon, DC , Maggie Harris , Jack Hebert

Tom Hughes, DC , Andrew Hull, DC , Robert Klein, DC

Paul Lambert , Cris Langheier, DC , Sophia Langheier

Arthur LeVine, DC , Todd Lewis , Peter A. Martin, DC

Jeff Morrison, DC , Noelle Rennie , Claire Schill, DC

H.G. Smith, DC , Timothy Steflik, DC , Breton Stephens

Angelica Terrell , Nick Venturino, DC , Crystal Venturino, DC

Susan Vineta, DC , Robert Watkins, DC , Mark Wieland, DC

James Yenzer, DC