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ICD10 Diagnosis Code Update effective for Dates of Service beginning October 1, 2021

The CDC updates ICD10 diagnosis codes every October 1. Frequently the update is adding specificity to existing codes.  An example pertinent to most chiropractic physicians is Low Back Pain M54.5.  This code when billed for dates of service on and after October 1 will rejected as an invalid code by any payer requiring diagnostic coding on bills.  


Low Back Pain now has three codes.
M54.50   1 Low back pain, unspecified 
The etiology (cause) of the manifesting low back pain has not be identified
M54.51   1 Vertebrogenic low back pain
The etiology (cause) of the low back pain is documented as originating in the vertebra
M54.59   1 Other low back pain
The etiology (cause) of the low back pain is specified as somewhere other than the vertebra.
Other identified changes include, but are not limited to:
Headache now has an additional code
G44.86 Cervicogenic headache
New Rheumatoid Codes
M05, M06, & MO8
New Osteoarthritis Codes
New Cartilage & ligament Disorder Codes
New TMJ Codes
Dorsalgia now has an additional code to use.
M54.8 Other dorsalgia
New Headache Codes
This link is to CDC and is a look up tool, from the source. It includes instructions and guidelines for proper use: