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Ask Gov. DeSantis to Veto the No-fault/PIP Repeal Rate Hike

Time to Act!

As the Governor waits for the Legislature to hand him Senate Bill 54, now is the time to ask him to veto their ill-conceived plan to abolish Florida’s current no-fault auto insurance system when it hits his desk. We need you to help him realize what most legislators ignored: That ending no-fault will lead to dramatic premium rate increases, especially among those Floridians who can least afford it. That’s why no one supports SB 54 – except Florida’s trial lawyers.

Your phone call, e-mail – or even a hand-written snail-mail letter – will be especially powerful in helping the Governor from making a wrong turn for all of Florida’s drivers. But, we need to act now!


Your FCA has already voiced our opposition in this letter from our president urging the Governor to use his veto pen (link). We likewise provided more detailed, convincing evidence to make our argument in this FCA White Paper – which regretfully was largely ignored by legislators during their limited debate on the issue during their recent Session. 

Kindly review both – then craft a positive, polite message in your own words urging the Governor to do the right thing and veto SB 54. Then, just send it on its way…

      … by phone:    Call (850) 717-9337

      … by e-mail:    //www.fcachiro.org/GovernorRon.Desantis@eog.myflorida.com">GovernorRon.Desantis@eog.myflorida.com

         … or by snail mail:    Gov. Ron DeSantis; PL 05, The Capitol; Tallahassee, FL 32399

 Please act today!

Ask Gov. DeSantis to “Put the brakes on SB 54.”