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CE Update - Online, Virtual, Live Options Are Back for This Biennium

Today the Board of Chiropractic Medicine met to determine the status of the lapsed Emergency Rule that had allowed all live or virtual live courses to be considered in-person and had allowed all CE hours to be obtained online through the end of the biennium which ends March 31, 2022. The Board voted today to move forward with an approved Final Rule draft from August 2020 that adopts the wording of the emergency rule. Without this Final Rule only 10 hours of online CE would be allowed for this license renewal biennium, leaving many DCs with a problem of counting any CE hours more than 10 that they may have taken online or virtually. The Board assured all meeting attendees that, while the Rule is not yet final, licensees may proceed forward as if it were, utilizing approved live, virtual and online learning options for all 40 hours in the current biennium.  The FCA thanks the Board of Chiropractic Medicine members and Assistant Attorney General Larry Harris for their thoughtful consideration and solution to this unique situation.
For live and virtual CE options, visit thenationalchiro.com  and, for great online options, visit chirolearn.org