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PPP Loan Forgiveness Updates from Small Business Advocates

The FCA maintains membership in several small business associations in order to better serve you with the latest information for your practice.  Recently, both the National Federation of Independent Business (NIFB) and Florida United Business Association (FUBA) provided updates on PPP Loan Forgiveness.   We share these updates with you on the FCA’s COVID-19 RESOURCE PAGE even as we thank these small business advocates for providing them.
  • From FUBA “Issues” Newsletter, August 2020 Issue:  Read for FUBA’s latest on loan forgiveness basics and procedures, including links to detailed instructions and discussion of employee scenarios that may pertain to your situation.
  • From NFIB Webinar of September 2, 2020, “Ready for PPP Loan Forgiveness? Let’s make sure all your ducks are in a row!”  Presenters Elizabeth Milito, Senior Executive Counsel, NFIB Legal Foundation, and Holly Wade, Director, NFIB Research Center, review the latest Treasury and SBA updates related to PPP Loan Forgiveness.  Via FCA’s COVID-19 Resource Page, access the recorded webinar with its helpful PowerPoint slides and links to application forms, instructions, loan forgiveness calculator, loan forgiveness tip sheet and other valuable COVID-19 resources for businesses.  Read on to access the links:

PPP Loan Forgiveness EZ Application Instructions

PPP Loan Forgiveness EZ Application

AICPA PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator (updated 9/2/20)

NFIB Coronavirus Resources

NFIB Chart of Federal COVID-19 Financial Programs

NFIB PPP Loan Forgiveness Tip Sheet

NFIB FFCRA Tax Credit Tip Sheet

NFIB FFCRA Back-to-School Tip Sheet (new!)