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BOCM Drafts Emergency Rule Due to COVID

August 7, 2020 - It appears that the Board of Chiropractic Medicine (BOCM), in its 9-hour virtual meeting yesterday, adopted an emergency rule to allow Florida licensed DCs to attain all 40 license renewal CE hours through synchronous learning (livestreaming of an approved event) or through online CEs for the current biennium, due to COVID. We are unsure of the text of the emergency rule and it was difficult to understand the final motions. Please stay tuned for further reports when the emergency rule text is made available.  

The FCA has been preparing to offer livestreaming/synchronous learning beginning with the remaining 2020 FCA events and online learning is already available through chirolearn.orgSocially distanced live events are also being planned in 2020 and beyond, based on member and past attendee response to surveys. We look forward to serving you in your learning method of choice and appreciate your past and ongoing support of FCA's array of educational options.

Our special thanks to the twelve FCA volunteer members and chiropractic leaders, including Dr. Peter Martin, President of Palmer Florida, who stepped forward to speak before the BOCM yesterday for providing valuable insight.