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In This Together

In uncertain times, one thing is certain: our desire to serve you. While daily routines have changed due to COVID-19, our commitment to you remains the same. The FCA is here to advocate, inform and provide the very best learning opportunities to the chiropractic profession.

We are experiencing the same challenges you face in planning for the immediate future and are evaluating 2020 Convention dates, working with the changing circumstances and what is known thus far to determine next steps. As an FCA member, we want to hear your thoughts. Soon, you will receive a survey to help us understand how you are doing and how to best serve you in these times. 

Even though events underwrite more than 50% of every FCA service, prudent management of resources allows us to continue to function in the short term while events cannot be held. We remain committed to provide safe, high-quality opportunities for you as soon as possible and presenters and exhibitors are anxious to serve you when we can safely do so. During this interim, Florida-approved CE's are available through ChiroLearn.org, FCA's online learning platform, and we encourage you to set up a user account and begin to accumulate CE's for the current biennium. New online learning opportunities for staff training and non-CE clinical programs that are FREE to FCA Members are being added daily.

The FCA team remains at work and accessible to members throughout this challenge. It is a privilege to support you as you in turn help hundreds of thousands of Floridians to move through their challenges in the healthiest possible way. We are in this together and are thankful to be serving you!