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Hope for Providers in the Midst of This Pandemic

Infinedi has announced the launch of a new analytic web portal, designed to send a message of HOPE to their clients and partner groups like the FCA.  Infinedi and its sister company, QVH Systems, are leaders in health care analytics.  Their team has developed a unique portal to let their partners and clients know that there is HOPE in the midst of this pandemic.  Click on the map image below to access the portal and view the counts of unique patient visits across all provider types, as well as the national gain and loss of those visits over the last few weeks.  

02b fb and twitter patient count ad


You can access more detailed information by simply placing your cursor over a specific area of a state. This will then create a “bubble” of county specific information. You can also track telemedicine services, as well as the changes that are occurring as those services increase and you can look back at previous weeks to see how this information has changed over time.  The map will be updated every week and is available to the public. 
Says Infinedi, “We are all in this together.  It is important to know that, once we get to the other side of this pandemic, patients will need you more than ever!”  It also illustrates that the current scenario affects all providers of health care and chiropractic is not alone in this barrel.  The FCA thanks Infinedi for its support of chiropractic and interest in building the chiropractic community and equipping this profession for an ever-expanding role in health care.