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OSHA and CDC Guidance on How to Reduce the Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus

While healthcare workers, like you, are working to keep patients out of hospitals, you might wonder about the liability to the office for staying open. As an essential worker, you may stay open.  If you are OPEN, be sure to follow the OSHA and CDC guidance and document the steps you are taking to maintain a healthy and clean work environment:


  • See last week's OSHA poster on how to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus.
  • See the CDC's guidance on Preparing the Workplace.
  • Contact your malpractice carrier to see if it has any protocols for you to follow during COVID-19.
If you have CLOSED your office, make sure and provide your patients access to their medical records by posting on numerous places where patients may contact you for records.  Post this information on your website; on your front door; on your voicemail.  Forward your phones so your patients may speak with a human being while you are closed for business.