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The FCA Working for You: Including Chiropractic As an Essential Service in Florida

The past three weeks have been incredible and we want to salute the many in the chiropractic community who have leveraged their infrastructure and resources to provide helpful information for individual decision-making throughout this time of daily, constant change.  The FCA has been hard at work providing resources directly to members through e-bulletins while posting more resources daily on fcachiro.org for public access, so that members and non-members alike can take advantage of the information.

Simultaneously, the FCA staff, legal and lobby teams have been working to advocate the status of chiropractic as an essential service with the Governor and state entities that will be issuing and interpreting Florida orders and regulations in the days ahead.  Read on to access links to important opinions and guidelines affirming this status, which provides the freedom for you to continue to see patients if it is your personal decision to do so, and while following guidelines for safety.


We want to thank the FCA Counsels General, Lobby Team and executive staff for their tireless efforts during this chaotic time, to represent your interests and provide a steady stream of information for you to use in making decisions for yourself, your practice, your employees and your family.  This is what association service is all about and these activities would not take place without the support of FCA members like you. The challenges will continue and the FCA will be here to respond and serve you, because YOU have supported your association through membership and event attendance!