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CHUSA and NCMIC Step Up with More COVID-19 Webinars

The FCA has received news of yet more helpful webinars being produced this week that can be of great value to you in your clinical and business decision-making.  Read on for a list of the webinars with links.  Click on the webinar name to go to the registration link.  Look now, because the first webinar is this afternoon, Monday, March 30th!  Our profound thanks to ChiroHealthUSA and NCMIC for providing these helpful resources.


Members of the NCMIC leadership team will come together to talk about the topics we know matter to you, including:
  • Risk management policy coverage and recent changes,
  • Telemedicine,
  • Best practices if you’re seeing clients in your office,
  • and a number of other things.
What is required of my practice when a patient has a positive screening or test for COVID-19? How should I respond if a patient has been determined to have COVID-19 and they have been in my office? What are the levels of risk I need to be aware of as COVID-19 spreads? Exposure to COVID-19 in the practice is here – but how should you respond? Joins us for answers to these questions and more. 
The Government is here to help YOU! – No, Really!  Where Do I Even Begin?  Join Dr. Ray Foxworth and his guests to review the steps and strategies to get back on sound financial footing after COVID-19.