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FAKE NEWS – BOCM Putting Public at Risk??

It was falsely reported this week that the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine put the public at risk and the Board’s “competency and moral turpitude” were called into question for not following the Osteopathic Board’s emergency rulemaking in allowing more online learning. Here’s the truth.


The  Osteopathic Board chose one path to extend licensure by issuing a temporary order, to only last 8 weeks (until the end of the Governor’s extension of the biennium until 5/31/2020), and to allow TWO classes for online learning instead of in-person learning.
The Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine followed Florida statute 460.408(2) to allow for exceptions to CE requirements in emergency or hardship cases.  This same statutory authority is not provided for osteopaths.  
The Florida Board was consistent in following its past policy and actions in its granting of Variances by extending the CE deadline 9 months, or until January 1, 2021.  
There is no evidence that COVID-19 will last 9 months.  The Board indicated that should another extension be required, that same statutory authority would allow for such an extension.  Therefore, the BOCM put no chiropractic physician at risk.
The Board’s actions to extend the CE deadline to January 1, 2021, coincided with the 1-hour human trafficking CE deadline, thus allowing both deadlines to be tracked at one time.
Had the Board acted as the Osteopathic Board and required all online classes by 5/31/2020, there would have been chiropractors who would have lost their licenses because of the lack of required (versus general) online classes available for chiropractic physicians.
To see how you can renew your license with deficient CE hours, please see our prior first and second notifications.