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World Federation of Chiropractic Issues Updated Advice Note

The World Federation of Chiropractic has issued an updated advice note, which contains the latest information and advice from WHO sources.  In his message conveying the update to the profession, Richard Brown, DC, Secretary-General of the Federation advises:


This past week has seen a further sharp escalation in the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19. As the virus continues to impact all aspects of our daily lives we are seeing nations having to adopt increasingly robust measures to limit spread. In many countries, these measures have impacted on the provision of chiropractic services and we are very aware of the distress this is causing both chiropractors and the patients and communities they serve.
The WFC is communicating with our partners at the World Health Organization and is reviewing materials on a daily basis. We urge compliance with WHO advice and recommendations. In this most challenging of times, we must all come together as a global chiropractic community and do whatever we can to promote responsible behaviors, reduce transmission and flatten the curve. As health professionals, we must support those on the front line of Covid-19 by advocating social distancing, hand washing, respiratory etiquette and appropriate sanitization. Our actions will save lives.