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DC’s Short on Renewal CE’s Granted Extension

Governor’s Emergency Order Prompts Fla. Board of Chiropractic Medicine’s Decision 
Tallahassee - In a challenging and unprecedented time in our Nation’s history, the Fla. Board of Chiropractic Medicine earlier today agreed to extend licenses for those chiropractic physicians who, nearly 10 days from the expiration of the biennium deadline, do not have all of their 40 required CE hours for license renewal.  For those who have not yet renewed their Florida licenses, on March 31, 2020, their licenses will be renewed with proper payment, and those who are deficient in hours will have until Jan. 1, 2021 – nine additional months --to complete those hours.   We do not yet know the timing for the administrative steps involved to implement this extension or when you could successfully renew online without having the completed hours.
Florida Statute 460.408(2) allows the Board to make exceptions from the CCE requirements in emergency or hardship cases. The new deadline for those deficient in hours will coincide with the profession’s Jan. 1, 2021, required one-hour human trafficking CE.  This Board action follows past procedure in allowing variances in hardship cases, yet, prevents individuals in this instance from having to individually file for a waiver.
We thank the BOCM for acting quickly in a rare and difficult situation by following past procedures and allowing a quick resolution to those who were at risk for not being able to renew their license.