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Saluting ChiroHealthUSA: More Great Resources on COVID-19

The FCA salutes ChiroHealthUSA, an FCA member benefit provider, for its outstanding effort to supply chiropractic-specific information to help you make your best patient care and business decisions during the COVID-19 crisis.  Today, CHUSA released an informative email announcement with links to business information and invitation to a free webinar to answer these important questions:

  • What do I need to know about this pandemic?
  • What should I do for my patients, my staff, and my practice?
  • What is our clinic's policy regarding disease control? Is it consistent with recommendations from OSHA?
  • How should we train our staff?
  • How does patient care change?
  • Should we close our doors?
  • What should we communicate to our communities/patients about our practice’s policy regarding COVID-19?

chusa on covid 19 v2 03172020