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From F4CP: Optimizing Performance with Chiropractic

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is pleased to unveil its newest campaign, Optimizing Performance with Chiropractic Care.

According to the results of a Harris Poll survey commissioned by the Foundation, more than eight in 10 consumers (81%) believe chiropractic care is effective for professional and amateur athletes.

Speaking to the results of the survey, this new campaign will feature a number of professional athletes communicating their own positive experiences with chiropractic care in a series of poster, social media clips and personal statements. 

Through July 2020, the Foundation will showcase one professional athlete’s story per month to help build momentum leading up until the airing of its brand-new :30 second chiropractic TV commercial, set to air five times on NBC during the 2020 Summer Olympics. 

These new resources are available to Foundation members to utilize in their practices and local communities to educate their patients about the value of chiropractic care for professional and amateur athletes. 

F4CP Dr EricaFor athletes, chiropractic care helps to reduce the risk of injuries and improve health and performance through enhancements in range of motion, flexibility, balance, muscle strength and other key factors.

This poster featuring Dr. Erica Witter-Davis was displayed as a full-page ad in USA Today on March 10. Dr. Witter-is a past Olympic athlete, doctor of chiropractic and starring talent in the :30 second chiropractic commercial.

The advertisement also features a link to beyondthepain.org, which is not only the call-to-action that will appear in the :30 second Olympic TV commercial, but also features the Foundation's National Find-A-Doctor Directory where prospective patients can search for Foundation doctor members and their practice contact information.

The F4CP encourages sharing of this ad on social media pages to garner maximum exposure. 

Your FCA membership grants you access to group membership of the F4CP. Enjoy access to this poster and other F4CP tools and materials by visiting F4CP.org.

Download the Poster

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