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FCA Coronavirus Update

FCA, like the general public, is concerned about the growing spread of the Coronavirus internationally and the impact it will have in the US and here in Florida. There are potential issues that all of us need to consider and to be prepared for. FCA is committed to sharing vital information and updates with you as we have access.  Read on for important links to help you stay abreast of the latest.


Updates will be given via your FCA Member E-Bulletins as we learn new information. In addition, there is a Coronavirus resource page on fcachiro.org with various links that we will update continually. While we are working to keep the information in these areas as up-to-date as possible, please check the CDC and World Health Organization websites, as well as the Florida Department of Health for more detailed information.
As the impact of the coronavirus evolves, you can count on FCA to continue to share information and provide updates, as also regarding any impact to FCA events. And, in the immediate term, FCA encourages attendees at our meetings as well as staff to practice good health habits and encourage those with whom you come in contact to do the same.  At this writing, FCA events are in various stages of planning and our intent is to produce them, in service to you.