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Accolades to Keiser U’s New DC Program!

Congratulations to Keiser University on recently becoming the third provider of chiropractic education to students in Florida seeking their Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Keiser is offering their newest program, just recently receiving initial accreditation by the Council on Chiropractic Education, at their West Palm Beach Graduate Campus. Keiser now joins Palmer–Florida in Port Orange and NUHS at St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg in helping to train tomorrow’s DC’s. 

Keiser has a 40-year history in Florida and is now the state’s third-largest non-profit private university, offering career-focused education to over 20,000 students across its 18 campuses. Keiser provides a variety of programs centered on quality education for the health care professions.
Oddly, however, the Florida Chiropractic Society chose this momentous occasion to instead castigate Keiser. A puzzling letter signed by FCS President Eddie Martinez, suggests a “Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree such as the one Keiser offers does not exist” and “would be considered null and void” by licensing authorities. Apparently, the FCS takes issue to the use of the word “medicine” which appears in the name of Keiser’s College of Chiropractic Medicine, once again failing to understand the term has become synonymous with “healthcare” in regulatory and government parlance. Our own professional licensing chapter, Chapter 460, Florida Statutes, is entitled, “Chiropractic Medicine” (in line with “Medicine,” “Osteopathic Medicine,” and “Podiatric Medicine,” the other physician licensing chapters) and our disciplinary board is named, “The Board of Chiropractic Medicine” in line with other physician boards.
Keiser’s website makes no mention of a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree and the Council on Chiropractic Education accredits only the DC degree – but, that doesn’t mean the FCS doesn’t create a boogeyman. Just last year the same group actually tried to convince legislators to remove the words “medicine” and “physician” from Chapter 460, an attempt the FCA vigorously opposed. Fortunately, that effort failed, as those same statutory words in reference to chiropractic strengthen the Florida DC’s status and authority as a physician-level provider.