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Sign the Petition Opposing CE Policing

Petition Statement to the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine

I, the undersigned Florida licensed chiropractic physician, hereby register my opposition to the CE Rule changes that would impose and provide for:

  • A proposed SURVEILLANCE REQUIREMENT for attendees at in-person events.
  • A TESTING REQUIREMENT for in-person event attendees.
  • A VIDEO MONITORING requirement for on-demand CE’s.
  • A FIVE-YEAR SUSPENSION for CE providers who cannot meet all of the new requirements.
  • LOWERED CE INSTRUCTOR CREDENTIALS for those teaching continuing education programs.
  • Allowing all 40 hours of ON-DEMAND COURSES to be repeated by watching the same course.

I oppose any lowering of standards and feel that the current CE attendance monitoring and reporting provisions are adequate for in-person, virtual and on-demand CE’s.