Our History

FCA’s history since 1931 is filled with pivotal legislative victories, consuming legal struggles, personal achievements, and fulfilled dreams. Some 200 new DCs flock to our great state every year, and become active in the largest state chiropractic association in the US. Every year adds new accomplishments to improve access to chiropractic services by Floridians. 

At the inception of chiropractic in Florida, in the 1930s, the Florida Chiropractic Association was the leadership force that sought and achieved state licensure and regulation of Florida’s doctor of chiropractic. Details and historical archives are sketchy, but it was the FCA that doggedly pursued a quality practice environment for the State of Florida.

Fast forward to today and Chapter 460, the Chiropractic Practice Act, has been successfully defended and expanded through the FCA lobby effort.  More than 150 positive legislative advances giving greater access to chiropractic have been made through FCA efforts.  The advocacy which began with Dr. Ed Williams – the first FCA lobbyist and its CEO for 25 years – now rests with a lobby team of six.  An elected board of directors of 22 DCs sets the direction for the FCA and it is carried out through a dedicated full-time staff and retainer personnel who bring the latest skill sets to serving and advancing chiropractic in Florida.  


  • Best insurance equality laws in the nation
  • Greater chiropractic acceptance through high educational standards 
  • Chiropractic coverage and equality under no-fault statutes
  • Chiropractic reimbursement under Florida’s Medicaid Program 
  • Development of publications and PR materials to assist the doctor’s personal and practice success, at reduced or no cost 
  • Defense of the Florida Chiropractic Practice Act, considered a model by the rest of the nation. 
  • Continued improvement in third-party/insurance inclusion
  • Inclusion of chiropractic in Florida’s team physician statutes
  • Development of highly trained professional staff, accessible and responsive to the member doctor for assistance in professional problems they may encounter daily.
  • Chiropractic representation on state health care advisory councils
  • Judicious use of member dollars in ongoing, progressive paid radio and television advertising, covering the entire state, for the benefit of all practitioners. 
No other association can make these claims! It is easy for any group to say they are committed to a set of goals which have already been accomplished by another group. If you are a member of FCA, then you have helped to accomplish the above. If you are not a member, please join today. There is yet much more to accomplish.