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Florida DCs Not Required to Close Their Doors
By FCA Asst. General Counsel Kim Driggers   
Friday, 20 March 2020
Many FCA members have inquired whether, like other businesses, they are forced to close their doors based upon the Governor’s new Executive Order 20-72, for the safety and health of their employees, or in order to comply with a City or County Declaration / Emergency Order.  While the Governor’s new Executive Order is of some ambiguity and we will continue to seek clarification, the Governor’s press conference, along with the Introduction to EO 20-72, reveals the purpose of the Executive Order is to, “conserve all medical supplies including personal protective equipment, or only that which is necessary to be used in response to this emergency…” At this time, we are recommending that, if a personal decision is made to keep your doors open, at this writing, you are free to do so.

Note that the FCA has not reviewed every City or County Declaration / Emergency Order where your answer will also exist.  In those County or City Declarations, you will likely be defined as a healthcare provider or doctor who is exempt from any mandatory closure, but that you are not required (though you may) stay open.  The FCA continues to monitor the Governor’s office for any further Executive Orders on this issue.  Here is what we know:
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