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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all in the aftermath of the strongest hurricane in recent Florida history.  The FCA office is not functional as of Tuesday, September 12.  While our staff is safe, we are contending with outages in power, phone and internet not only at the office, but, in our homes as well. We look forward to communicating with you when we are able.  Since the FCA phone system is not operational at this time, please use fcachiro.org as your resource for updates. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  We are all in this together!

UPDATE 9/15/2017:  CE certificates for The National 2017 have been generated and will be mailed next week.  FCA Members can access their certificates now by logging in and clicking "CE Certificates" in the User Menu.

Make sure your business and home are prepared with these prevention and safety resources provided by The National Federation of Independent Business/Florida. The FCA is a proud member of NFIB.  Read on for valuable tips and links and after-storm services the FCA hopes to provide as soon as power and communication ability are available.

Friends and colleagues, please stay safe!  The FCA will be here after the storm to assist in facilitating communication between doctors who were impacted by the storm and those who may have equipment, supplies or space to donate. Thoughts and prayers are going up for your safety.
Message from Governor Scott about Volunteering:
As Hurricane Irma approaches, I am urging every Floridian to get a plan and be prepared for potential life threatening impacts from the storm.  In anticipation of increased staffing needs at hurricane shelters statewide, I have issued a call to state employees across Florida encouraging them to volunteer in support of the state’s emergency shelter mobilization efforts. Volunteer recruitment is one of our biggest needs right now. 
Today, I am urging all Floridians to consider donating their time and effort to become a certified American Red Cross Disaster Services volunteer to help Floridians in need. Thousands of volunteers are needed to assist their efforts in response to this unprecedented storm.  In partnership with the American Red Cross and other volunteer organizations, Floridians may sign up to assist in or operate shelters in response to Hurricane Irma impacts and preparation. I encourage any Floridian who is able to donate their time and effort to register today for American Red Cross certification at www.volunteerflorida.org/.   
For additional information regarding Hurricane Irma, please visit www.floridadisaster.org. If you have any questions regarding volunteer opportunities please email irma@volunteerflorida.org or call 1-800-FLHELP1. 
Thank you,

Rick Scott
Tips for Donating Chiropractic Services to First Responders

The FCA reached out to military veteran and volunteer extraordinaire Dr. Lance Armstrong, who has volunteered his time to adjust veterans at stand down events, active duty military personnel and local law enforcement in Brevard County, where he resides. The FCA asked for suggestions if a DC who comes through the hurricane unscathed wanted to reach out and volunteer to assist first responders with complimentary chiropractic services. Here are his suggestions, based on many years of experience:

1. Adjust youth (40 and below) without hesitation, above that age, take into account physical shape.  The overweight and obese need mid and upper lumbars released, which can be hard to do on a portable table.

2. If you can engage a licensed massage therapist to work with you, this will create higher interest and referrals for adjustment.  If the massage therapist will refer those in need of an adjustment - maybe for the first time - acceptance will come easier.  It has been my experience that many will return for ongoing care: They will never forget you.

3. Always state the "audible release adjustment" is "Exactly what I am looking for...now it's in place and moving correctly...etc."  This is calming and helps those who are unaccustomed to relax and embrace the adjustment.

4. Contact your local Emergency Management Location, or now known in some areas as Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and state that you are a "Licensed Chiropractic Physician for ___ years wishing to volunteer for LEO/EMS/First Responder care," and asking, "Is there a recovery and recuperation location (in a Fire Department most likely)?  The number of years thing is optional for the new docs, who can omit that information if you prefer.

5. Being in and out of the Red Cross as a Volunteer DC for 20+ years has helped in the initial remote location during the fires in 1998 and ever since. (FCA Note: See Governor Scott's message below about volunteering for the Red Cross.)

6. Dress for wear and tear, not dress slacks.  I wear 511 paints common to LEO work, or jeans.

Our thanks to Dr. Armstrong for sharing these tips with FCA for passing on to you. All of our Florida members and especially those down south are in our thoughts and prayers.  As soon as power and internet are available to us in Orlando after the storm, FCA will re-engage to assist.