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Online CE Hours Update
By Jennifer Golden Durr   
Wednesday, 09 November 2016
If you have been keeping up with the FCA Bulletins and web posts, you are aware that the FCA is and has been supportive of online chiropractic CE hours. FCA General Counsel Paul Lambert has testified to that effect before the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine (BOCM) on two occasions.  The FCA is also keenly aware the words “contact classroom hours” are in the chiropractic CE statute and recent legal counsels to the BOCM prior to the current counsel have advised them that a statutory change would be necessary in order for the BOCM to adopt a rule providing for online CEs. This fact has been mentioned by Mr. Lambert, former BOCM members and even a former BOCM Counsel – in public testimony. Alternative groups have misrepresented the FCA position in various emails, in an apparent attempt to paint the FCA as obstructionist, when the FCA has publicly testified in favor of online CEs at two earlier BOCM meetings and is actually gearing up to offer online CEs. Last week, and contrary to a recent, alternative group's email message ("What Was Lambert Thinking"), Paul Lambert of the FCA did NOT provide any testimony at the most recent Board of Chiropractic Medicine meeting, as there was nothing to add to earlier testimony in support of online CE's.

As stated in the 3 prior FCA Bulletins, the FCA DOES SUPPORT online CEs and there has been testimony before the Board to that effect.  However, the FCA is aware that failure to follow the proper process – amending the statute to provide for online CEs – could merely delay the inception of online CEs.  Why?  Because all rules promulgated by licensing boards are reviewed by the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee (JAPC) and can be found to be invalid as contrary to statute.

BOCM Moves Toward Adoption of Online CE Rule

On Friday of last week, the Board of Chiropractic Medicine voted favorably to move forward in the rulemaking process to include 10 hours of online CE hours per biennium.  The BOCM also voted favorably to make certain the CE hours would include Secure online-training, in the form of SCORM communication - Shareable Content Object Reference Model - so that the online CE hours would be monitored similarly to the contact/in person hours. The BOCM directed Staff to start drafting a Rule which will be discussed in the next, January 27, 2017, BOCM meeting. After a rule is adopted, it will receive JAPC review.

The FCA will continue to keep you truthfully advised of its position, the process, and the BOCM meetings.