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It's the last day to comment. FCA has responded to proposed new CCE standards. Have you?
By the FCA   
Monday, 26 September 2016
The chiropractic world became aware virtually just last week that CCE proposed accreditation standard revisions were posted for comment with a closing date of September 30, 2016. Some of those revisions eliminated all reference to DC's being primary care physicians. The proposed revisions can be viewed at http://cce-usa.org/Call_for_Comments.html.  The version showing track changes best shows what is proposed for deletion and addition to the standards.
The proposed removal of references to DC's as physicians and primary care providers gives grave concern, as these references have long given basis and support in our continuous effort to define DC's as primary care physicians in various Florida statutes. Also, since Florida and some other states already define DCs as being primary care providers and physicians, the CCE standards need to continue to state the intent for graduates of chiropractic degree programs to be trained to that level going forward as they have been in the past, so that they will meet licensure standards. 
An excerpt from the FCA Board-approved response identifying the need to keep references to Primary Care Chiropractic Physicians is as follows:
Chiropractic physicians are defined as primary care providers for purposes of the Florida Workers' Compensation Law managed care arrangements.1 Chiropractic physicians are defined as primary physicians in the Florida HMO Law.2
The FCA successfully amended bills during the 2016 Florida legislative session to include chiropractic physicians within the definition of primary care provider.3 That legislation defines primary care service to mean the screening, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a patient for the purpose of promoting health or detecting and managing disease or injury within the competency and training of the primary care provider. That is what Florida chiropractic physicians have practiced for over ninety years! The purpose of the proposed legislation is to grant allopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic physicians new tools to better compete and provide primary care in the new, evolving health care market place by authorizing them to enter into care arrangements with individuals, families, or employers' employees to provide primary care at negotiated prices.
Deleting references in the CCE accreditation Standards, Principles, Processes & Requirements for Accreditation defeats the legislative efforts of the FCA and other state chiropractic associations fighting to give their struggling members tools to more effectively compete in the health care market place. This is a disservice to all chiropractic physicians and chiropractic students.
The full FCA letter is posted here for your viewing.
The FCA also responded via the CCE online survey posted on the CCE website and we ask that you do the same, expressing your concerns about this proposed change.  Please submit your comments individually via the survey by September 30th. For each section requiring a comment, you will need to complete a separate, very brief survey. The sections giving rise to the deletion of Primary Care (Chiropractic) Physician are:
  • Section 1. (Principles & Processes) (Removal of Preface at p. 12)
  • Section 2H (Educational Program for DC Degree) (at pages 24 and 25)
  • Glossary (at p. 42)