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Frequently Asked Questions - SecureCare of Florida
By SecureCare of Florida   
Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Here are answers to frequently asked questions which will aid your understanding of the new SecureCare of Florida IPA and how it can benefit you and your practice: 

What is an Independent Physicians Association?  An Independent Physicians Association (“IPA”) consists of a panel of physicians who contract with health plans to provide complete care to members of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO).  In this circumstance, it is a panel of chiropractic physicians contracting to provide chiropractic care.

What are the benefits of an IPA?  One of the most significant functions of an IPA is to develop productive relationships with health care insurers.  An IPA is beneficial to physician practices because it is able to professionally represent the business interests of many doctors, allowing doctors to focus on their practice.  It discusses contracts with insurance companies, organizes, represents, credentials, and inspects member physicians.  It also conducts utilization review and quality assurance.  In sum, the IPA offers its members the advantage of strong physician leadership with the drive to develop an improved business environment for the doctors they represent.   

What is SecureCare of Florida?  It is a collaborative venture between the FCA and the highly successful SecureCare, Inc., a company managed primarily by chiropractic physicians and owned by the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association. 

Why is FCA starting an IPA?  It is time for the chiropractic profession to improve its position in the health care system.  Virtually every other segment of health care in Florida is already organized into IPAs, PHOs or other business entities.  So, we are actually simply playing catch-up with the rest of the health industry.

What is the objective of SecureCare of Florida?  SecureCare of Florida’s objective is to build new collaborative relationships with insurance companies.  SCFL will offer insurance companies an alternative to the expensive and outdated network solutions offered in the market today.  Highly complex and labor intensive network management structures are a thing of the past:  they inhibit patient care; they are by definition expensive for insurance companies; and they result in dissatisfaction for employers, patients and providers.  SCCFL is owned by its doctor members and will provide its services to insurers at no cost.

What is SecureCare, Inc.?  SecureCare, Inc. is a chiropractic managed care company owned by the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association. SecureCare, Inc. has been serving insurance companies for over 20 years and 98% of Nebraska DCs are happy, appreciative participants.  SecureCare, Inc. has a highly effective network management process that gives insurance companies the cost control they need while also allowing providers to be appropriately reimbursed while providing quality care for patients.  It is possible to do this!  And SecureCare has perfected it.  SecureCare is different because it is not profit motivated.  The SecureCare  model works and has quietly proven itself in multiple states.

How does this impact me?  The FCA is asking its members to join the network.  Your participation is essential to its success.   By participating, you will begin the process of forming a network of chiropractic physicians and, for the first time in Florida, organizing the profession as it relates to health care reimbursements.  

How do I benefit?  The goal of SecureCare is to provide more access to chiropractic benefits through fair utilization guidelines that are based on average services of providers in the network and not on arbitrary limits.  SecureCare’s business model has a strong track record of improving the business environment for chiropractors over time, with a proven track record of higher reimbursements and removal of arbitrary limitations.

What is required to join SunCare Health IPA?  Joining the IPA takes three easy steps:  (1) Make sure you are an FCA member; (2) get the benefit of a rich, easy to use, interactive user clearinghouse/electronic claim submission with Infinedi that will allow the IPA to help manage the members and to allow you to properly manage your billing; (3) sign up with SunCare Health through the Infinedi/SecureCare enrollment process.

Why should I join early?  Taking control of your future and getting SecureCare of Florida off the ground requires your membership NOW and not LATER.  Waiting to join the IPA will not make the IPA a success.  It requires a critical mass of approximately 500-750 members before we can expect to be taken seriously by a payer.  Signing up early provides the benefit of making sure you can be a part of the IPA and also provides a discount. 

Why pay a joining fee to SecureCare?  Here are just a few of the reasons:

(1) The fee allows SecureCare to focus on your best interest.  SCFL could simply charge big insurance companies a fee as other networks do, but, then it would be working for them – not you. 

(2) The fee is necessary to remain compliant with complex laws related to rebating and fee splitting. 

(3) The fee is used to pay for initial costs to connect you to the network (such as Infinedi’s initiation fee, credentialing fee, etc.). 

(4) All doctors in all SecureCare markets pay the same $2,000 fee and it has remained unchanged for 20 years.

(5) The fee may be paid monthly, interest free over two years at $83.33 per month.

(6) It is a small investment you make in the future of your practice and the profession’s future.

(7) The alternative to investing in your own network is to accept the current options in the market, none of which have produced a favorable professional outcome for you.

How do I request more information and start the process?  Visit the SecureCare web site and click on "Learn More About SecureCare."  Or use this convenient, secure online sign-up process that will take just minutes to complete!