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Safety of Chiropractic: Response in Case of Media Attention
By the FCA - compiled from ACA and other resources   
Friday, 21 October 2016
From time to time, there may be coverage in local and national media about the issue of cervical manipulation and the purported risk of stroke.  There is growing interest in the association between cervical manipulation and vertebrobasilar artery (VBA) stroke.  Historically, opinion rather than fact has often dominated discussions on this topic, even though the incidence of stroke associated with cervical manipulation is very rare and there is a lack of evidence to prove that cervical adjustments cause stroke.

Should we enter another phase of heightened media attention, you need to know that:  
  • The ACA is prepared to handle media interview requests.  
  • Stroke/informed consent resources are available to you, to assist in answering questions from patients on this topic.

Specific, targeted response information will be provided once the statement is released.  Until then, helpful tools have been provided for your preparations in answering patient questions and these can be accessed through the FCA web site, where you will find a compilation of resources from the ACA and other sources:

Talking to Concerned Patients
As a result of media coverage, some patients may come into the offices of doctors of chiropractic concerned about having their neck adjusted. To help DCs talk to their patients about the issue, the ACA has prepared a stroke resources web page  which also features research studies  that demonstrate the safety of chiropractic, related articlespatient fact sheets  and links to other educational toolsKey messages  are also available that can help doctors touch on important facts during their discussions with patients. 
Informed Consent
ACA has also compiled several resources on informed consent that may be helpful for doctors of chiropractic to review in advance of the release of the AHA/ASA’s statement, including ACA’s informed consent policy and a list of state statutes, legislation and legal precedents related to the issue .  

More valuable information compiled just last month from various national resources are also available on the FCA web site. 

Latest Resources:

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