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ACA Responds to Washington Post Article on Neck Manipulation
By The American Chiropractic Association   
Tuesday, 07 January 2014

Resources on Chiropractic Safety Available to Doctors of Chiropractic and Patients  


The Washington Post yesterday posted on its website an article on neck manipulation and stroke ("How Safe Are the Vigorous Neck Manipulations Done by Chiropractors?").


The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has drafted a response that will be shared with theWashington Post editors today.


ACA has also posted an ad on its website home page and patients landing page that directs people who may have read the article to more information about the safety of neck manipulation.

Concerned Patients

As a result of the Washington Post article, there may be additional coverage of the purported risk of stroke from neck manipulation in national or local media. Some patients may come into your office concerned about having their neck adjusted.


To help doctors of chiropractic talk to their patients about the issue, ACA has prepared a Web page with several helpful resources, including research studies that demonstrate the safety of chiropractic, related articles, patient fact sheets and links to other educational tools. Key messages are also available that can help you touch on important facts during your discussions with patients. You'll find all these resources at www.acatoday.org/resources.


Additional information on informed consent can be found at www.acatoday.org/informedconsent. ACA supports and encourages DCs to help patients understand any proposed course of treatment and, by doing so, foster shared decision making.


Dealing with the Media

If you are contacted by a media organization regarding chiropractic and the purported risk of stroke or regarding the issue of informed consent, please know that ACA is willing to assist in any way possible. ACA's media spokespeople are well prepared to answer questions regarding the risk of serious injury following cervical manipulation or the practice of informed consent. In addition, ACA staff members can provide media with copies of important research and statistics. To contact the Communications Department, e-mail communications@acatoday.org or call (703) 812-0259