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What Now? The Latest About Online CE Hours.
By the FCA   
Monday, 01 March 2021
The Emergency Rule Order currently allowing all 40 hours of online CEs until the end of the biennium on March 31, 2022, has lapsed, causing uncertainty surrounding online CE courses and credits.
As a result of the impact of COVID-19 and the Governor's declared state of Emergency, the Department of Health, Board of Chiropractic Medicine (BOCM), issued Emergency Order 64B2ER20-30 on August 20, 2020, authorizing licensees to obtain all required continuing education hours by any means, live, virtual live, or online and allowing first year licensees to satisfy the required meeting attendance through online/livestreaming.  The Rules of Administrative Procedure allow for a ninety-day effective period of the emergency rule which was extended a second time.  However, because of the lack of a quorum late in the afternoon at the nine-hour Board of Chiropractic meeting on Friday when the item on the agenda arose, the Board was unable to vote to consider making the Rule that allows all online learning through March 31, 2022, permanent.

We are awaiting direction from the BOCM as to the impact of the lapse of the Emergency Order.  The Board is unable to meet until proper and timely notice is provided under the Rules of Administrative Procedure and has scheduled a special meeting to occur on March 12, 2021.
Until such time as the Board provides further direction on this issue, we recommend you move forward cautiously with online learning as the rule currently in effect allows ten (10) hours of online/virtual CEs.  Until this matter is resolved, BOCM Counsel has cautioned against attaining more than ten hours of online/virtual CEs during this interim time.
The FCA will continue to support the Board’s stated intent to make the rule permanent that allows all CE hours to be earned online/virtually in this current biennium.   We are seeking further guidance from Board Counsel and will share any new insights as they are received.  Pending future BOCM action, the FCA hopes to continue to offer virtual options to go along with its safe+live events in the current biennium (Thenationalchiro.com/overview) and approved on-demand online courses are available at reduced cost to FCA members through ChiroLearn.org.