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What You Need to Know About Florida's New Human Trafficking Law
By the FCA   
Friday, 08 November 2019
Florida's new human trafficking law requires healthcare professionals to learn about human trafficking to be able to better recognize it, and to educate their staff with signage in their office.  READ ALL ABOUT IT in the FCA Journal issue just mailed to all FCA members and which you should receive during the week of November 11th. The FCA has made it easy for members to comply.  Read on for more details and for access to the required poster/signage.
  • The FCA will be offering the required human trafficking class at all convention locations in 2020, to teach physicians about the signs of human trafficking and to fulfill the required CE class that must be obtained by January 1, 2021.  If the licensing board approves for this training to be offered online, the FCA will also offer an online option complimentary for those who attend FCA conventions.
  • A pre-printed 11"x17" color poster is included as the center spread of your fourth quarter FCA Journal that you should receive within the next week.  Simply tear it out and post it in your office as required.  You can also print your own poster by clicking here  and downloading the PDF file of the poster.
  • Read the informative Journal article by FCA Asst. Gen. Counsel Kim Driggers and take the steps outlined.  Watch for more information and FAQ's as we learn more about implementation of the new law and its requirement for designating an LMT Massage Establishment Manager.