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FCA Journal April/May/June 2016
Monday, 06 June 2016


- 2016 Legislative Session Highlights

- Triglycerides and Chronic Pain: Is There a Connection?

- Reach You Maximum Potential Through Administrative Excellence

- Insurance Complaint? See How You and Your Patients Can More Easily Have Your Complaints Addressed

- Power to the Patient

- Why You Should Properly Train the Posterior Chain

- The Patriot Project: Watching Veterans Backs (and Other Bones Too)

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CA Tip of the Week #3: Effective Referral Programs
Monday, 06 June 2016
The most inexpensive, reliable way to increase your new patients is to get referrals from your current patients. It starts by just asking! Many of your patients would happily refer friends and family members to your practice if the suggestion were made.The basis of a patient referral program is the organization of a conscious effort asking and encouraging patients to refer others.
Do you want to improve your retention? CA Tip of the Week #2
Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The FCA is offering the "CA Tip of the Week" to fill the need of continuously improving the practice through CA education.  Lori Allen and her staff will be joining us at each of our conventions this year. Don't miss out on having your staff trained by one of the best!

What do you do when a patient misses an appointment?  Do you simply continue on with your day and hope the patient will call to reschedule when they have time? Or, do you have a system in place to reach out to and reschedule that patient?Implementing a recall program gives you this system and opportunity, and helps to prevent patients from falling out of care.    

Florida Supreme Court Strikes Attorney Fee Provision in Workers Compensation Statute
Monday, 02 May 2016
In a 55-page decision, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the prevailing-party attorneys' fees provision of the state's workers' compensation law, finding the mandatory fee structure is an unconstitutional violation of a worker's due process rights.  
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PIP Law Update – Allstate Case Set to Be Heard by the Florida Supreme Court
Monday, 02 May 2016
Many of you have been keeping up with the various Allstate cases on interpretation of the policy provisions that incorporate (or don’t incorporate) the 2012 changes to the PIP statute – specifically, incorporation of the PIP fee schedule in clear and unambiguous language, into the policy of insurance.  
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