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LOPs Giving You Problems?
Monday, 22 April 2019
Are you having a difficult time getting your patients’ lawyers to sign Letters of Protection to protect your bill following a settlement or judgment of his/her personal injury claim?  We receive a number of calls on this topic each week and have worked to provide you a better draft Letter of Protection that PI lawyers might sign.
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FCA Journal January/February/March 2019
Monday, 22 April 2019

- FCA Delegation Carries the Chiropractic Message to Washington

- DC & Student Contingent Shines Light on Chiropractic Issues

- How to Interview, Hire and Train an All-Star Staff

- Part 1: Starting Your All-Star Staffing Journey

- Is There a Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

- How Do I Get My Patients to Pay?

- A Nutritional Approach for Managing Gout: A Modern Treatment

- Option for an Ancient Disease

- Attacking Running Pain – You Begin at the Body’s Foundation

- Encourage to Forgive and Forget. Teach Them To Let It Go!

- You May Have Some Explaining To Do

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Senate Embraces House Health Care Reforms
Saturday, 20 April 2019
Monday, April 22, 2019, Tallahassee – It’s no secret that new Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva (R-Miami) would set his sights set on health care reform, aimed principally at reigning-in the associated costs, during his first legislative session. After all, over half of his opening day remarks were devoted to that subject. Now, it appears the Senate was listening closely. Last week key Senate committees considered the Speaker’s top priorities, moving closer in aligning their positions with those of the House on at least three of his key issues.
House Committee Set to Consider PIP/No-Fault Changes
Sunday, 14 April 2019
Monday, April 15, 2019, Tallahassee – After six weeks of inaction on proposed PIP/No-fault auto insurance systems changes introduced this session for consideration by the House, late Friday the House Health and Human Services Committee released their agenda for this Tuesday afternoon which includes the first public hearing for HB 1317, a proposal including a variety of proposed reforms to the PIP/No-fault insurance system. Unlike a Senate bill on the same topic previously approved by two Senate committees, the House proposal does not include a repeal of the No-fault system, rather a series of reforms to the current system. (A more complete discussion follows below.)

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Budget Negotiations Set to Tee-off
Saturday, 06 April 2019
Monday, April 8, 2019, Tallahassee – Lawmakers reached the halfway point of their 60-day annual legislative session on Wednesday of last week, a week otherwise dominated by debate and final passage of each chamber’s state budget spending proposals. Legislators are now in a posture to begin Senate-House negotiations to hammer out the differences between their two plans. About $400-million currently separates the two proposals – $89.9 billion in the House compared to a Senate bottom line of $90.3B – though both weigh in less than the Governor’s $91.3B record-setting suggestion. Significantly different spending priorities between the two plans will have to be worked through in the four remaining weeks to achieve an on-time adjournment. Conferees will likely be appointed by both the House speaker and the Senate president this week to begin their negotiations to develop a final compromise plan.
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