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New Chiropractic Network Coming to Florida for Veterans Waiver of Application Fee Until 1/31/19
Thursday, 20 December 2018
Apply with EmpowerChiro Chiropractic Network Immediately to Treat Veterans in Your Local Area
Effective January 18, 2019, EmpowerChiro, a large chiropractic network out of Wichita, Kansas, will be taking over as the administrator of chiropractic services from Health Net for treatment of Florida Veterans.  

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Caution Urged re Pirated DPC Form
Wednesday, 19 September 2018
The FCA recently discovered that a copyrighted legal form, authored by its in-house counsel for its members’ use, reference or guidance in contracting with individuals and companies to provide direct primary care services under Florida’s new DPC law, was unlawfully copied, altered and distributed by the FCPA and individuals associated with the FCPA without the FCA’s knowledge or authorization. This action is in direct violation of U.S. Copyright laws and use of the pirated document is actionable and may result in litigation.
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Florida Arrests for CBD Products Containing THC
Friday, 14 September 2018
The FCA has become aware of several non-chiropractic physician arrests in Palm Beach County and Broward County for selling, distributing and/or possessing CBD with any trace amounts of THC, including the legally allowed limit under Federal law of .03%.  No chiropractic physicians that we are aware of were arrested.
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FCA/F4CP Billboard Promotes Chiropractic Care
Thursday, 06 September 2018

Bring "Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month" to your backyard!

FCA and F4CP billboard chiropractic for pain



The FCA and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) are collaborating to promote chiropractic as an effective drug-free treatment method for back pain and you can participate! As reported in August, the FCA and F4CP have secured a billboard near the Orlando airport as part of a national campaign which has also placed billboards in Detroit, Los Angeles, Des Moines, Nashville and Austin.  The Orlando billboard will run throughout Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month.

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Dr. Ed Williams Passes
Friday, 24 August 2018
Dr. Ed Williams



Dr. Edward C. Williams, first FCA CEO and Founder of ChiroPAC and the Florida Chiropractic Foundation, passed on August 14th in Marion, Kentucky.  

He will be remembered with loving respect by all those with whom he served and call him "Dr. Ed." 

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