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Appeals Court Upholds 2013 PIP Law Exclusion
Friday, 28 February 2020
An Appeals Court has upheld the 2013 PIP Law exclusion of payment reimbursements for massage or any service by a licensed massaged therapist (LMT).
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PIP Class Action Settlement Funds Available from GEICO
Wednesday, 29 January 2020
You could be owed money from Geico Companies if you treated an insured GEICO patient with a PIP deductible during the time that GEICO reduced the deductible between 2012 and 2019.  Read further to learn how to submit a claim and to learn how you can recover settlement funds at no cost.
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Florida Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Providers in PIP Deductible Case The Issue Is Now Final
Thursday, 03 January 2019

Just before the close of 2018, and in an unusual unanimous decision by the Florida Supreme Court, the years-old issue of how a PIP insurer should apply the deductible to medical bills was finally decided in favor of the providers!  In this case with Florida Hospital, it meant the difference of $200 each and every time Progressive improperly calculated the $1,000 deductible.  See Progressive Select Ins. Co. v. Florida Hospital Medical Center, 44 Fla. L. Weekly S59a (Fla. December 28, 2018)

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Florida Arrests for CBD Products Containing THC
Friday, 14 September 2018
The FCA has become aware of several non-chiropractic physician arrests in Palm Beach County and Broward County for selling, distributing and/or possessing CBD with any trace amounts of THC, including the legally allowed limit under Federal law of .03%.  No chiropractic physicians that we are aware of were arrested.
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PIP Case Law Update
Friday, 06 April 2018
Just recently, the Florida Supreme Court agreed to hear the issue regarding the application of the PIP deductible.  For years now, the county, circuit, and now appellate courts have issued varying opinions on how insurance companies should apply the PIP deductible.  To the provider’s office, it can mean a couple of hundred bucks on each patient carrying a PIP deductible.  To the insurance companies, it can mean millions.
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