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ChiroVoice Issues Legislative Alert Bulletin for All Chiropractic Patients and their Families!
Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The message below was sent to all enrollees in ChiroVoice.org as an Urgent Action Alert! today.

Dear Chiropractic Supporter:

               The powerful U.S. Senate Finance Committee has begun the process of voting on a comprehensive national health reform bill introduced by the Chairman of the committee, Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana).

               We strongly urge you click here and TAKE ACTION to quickly send a STRONG MESSAGE DIRECTLY TO THE TWO U.S. SENATORS FROM YOUR STATE insisting that the Senate Finance Committee adopt an appropriate consumer friendly amendment to the Baucus bill, that would help ensure any “national” plan include access and coverage of chiropractic services and your right to chose the health provider of your choice.

               It is important for your welfare and that of your family to ensure that any “national” insurance plan that would be created if the Baucus bill were to become law include a set of strong federal consumer and provider protections and set of benefits that would help protect your choice of health care provider and ensure your access to the kind of health care -- such as chiropractic care -- that you and your family both need and deserve. 

               As this is a TIME SENSITIVE matter, please take IMMEDIATE ACTION in response to this bulletin by going to the above link. Thank you for your prompt response to this important bulletin.

              If you click on the blue text above, it will take you to the ACA Legislative Action Center. If you have used the system previously, log in. If not, click on “register now” to set up an easy message that can be e-mailed to your senators. Act now and get your patients to enroll in ChiroVoice today. This legislation is being amended now and your action is crucial to our success. It’s never been easier for all of us to advocate in behalf on chiropractic.

Florida Chiropractic Foundation Funds Scholarships
Friday, 04 September 2009

               During the FCA National Convention, the Florida Chiropractic Foundation funded four existing scholarships at Palmer Chiropractic College Florida (PCCF).  Each of the following scholarships provide $2,500 per year to an outstanding student:


Consumer Reports Ranks Chiropractic #1
Tuesday, 18 August 2009
In a Consumer Reports Survey regarding back pain released in April 2009, Chiropractic ranked #1, followed by Physical Therapy and Acupuncture.  
View The Report At ConsumerReports.org
Below is a news report on CBS's Early Show about the report.
President Walburn Thanks Patients for Choosing an FCA Member DC
Tuesday, 04 August 2009
The Time Is NOW To Engage Your Patients on National Health Care Reform
Wednesday, 11 March 2009
               Eminent national health care reform has served as a catalyst to bring national chiropractic organizations together and a “Joint Policy on National Health Care Reform” and “Chiropractic Summit One Message” have been adopted. 
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