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Michael Minett, D.C.
Michael Minett
Company: Total Health and Rehab Center
Address: 8903 Glades Rd ., Ste. A-11
City: Boca Raton
State: FL
Postal Code: 33434
Country: USA
Phone: 561-482-7575
Website: www.TotalHealthandRehab.com
More Info: We are Located at the Northeast corner of Glades and Lyons Rd, in the Somerset Shopping Center.  Between Michaels Craft Store and Lenscrafters.

Chiropractic Care
- The natural way to improve your health and get rid of pain.  By balancing your body and improving posture, your body will not only feel better, it will function better.  Your overall health and vitality will improve so you can enjoy life again.
 Physical Therapy- Get all your physical therapy needs here.  From acute injuries to chronic nagging pains, we have the knowledge, equipment, and the trained staff to heal you. Massage Therapy- Soothing massage can cut your healing time in half!  And it feels pretty good too!  We often include “spot massage therapy” with your care plan, however we also offer full body, 1 hour treatments as well.  See the front desk for appointments. Acupuncture- Our doctor practices Traditional Chinese Medicine as it was performed in the Orient a thousand years ago.  Balancing the energy of the body and reprogramming it to a healthier state.  Custom Shoe Orthotics- Good body balance and alignment begins at the ground (your feet)!  Quite often, foot biomechanics can cause pain in the knees, hips, back and even the neck!  Ask for a computerized gait analysis to test your foot mechanics and see how it may be affecting you.   Osteoporosis Program- Specific supplements and simple exercises that have been clinically proven to stimulate new bone growth and make your bones stronger and healthier. Men’s Health Program-  Specific supplements and therapy program to enhance male performance, increase muscle and decrease fat composition. Women’s Health Program-  Specific therapy and supplement programs to improve women’s health and wellbeing at any stage of life. Allergy Testing-  Many health issues stem from autoimmune reactions to food and environmental toxins.  Special blood tests can detect these often misdiagnosed conditions.  Ask us how to get tested! Laser Therapy-  Healing at the speed of light!  It’s true, we have special laser instruments that stimulate the healing process.  Often used for inflamed tendon conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow.  Ask us if it’s right for you! Weight Loss Programs- Losing weight has never been easier!  Simple, affordable, extremely effective weight loss programs with professional guidance by our physicians.   Nerve Testing-  A simple, pain-free test to determine the extent of nerve involvement in pain or injury.