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FCA Lobby Corps

Florida Chiropractic Association
Tallahassee, FL

FCA Lobby Corps
Address: 30 Remington Road, Suite One
City: Oakland
State: FL
Postal Code: 34787
Country: USA
Phone: 407-654-3225
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With over 100 years of experience between them, each member of the FCA lobbying team brings unique skills and experience and is fully committed to the chiropractic profession.  Here's a brief look at the members of the FCA team:

Ed Williams, D.C.
Dr. Ed has been an advocate of the profession for over 30 years and helped to build the FCA into one of the most respected chiropractic organizations in the world.  As CEO Emeritus, he continues to direct the Association's overall legislative effort.

John Culbreath
A former six-term member of the Florida House, John is one of the FCA's senior legislative representatives.  Having lobbied for the FCA since 1979, John brings a broad institutional and working knowledge of the legislative process to the FCA team.

Jack Hebert  
With a background in both chiropractic issues and the Florida legislative process, Jack is responsible for coordinating the FCA's day-to-day government relations effort and is the membership director for ChiroPAC.  He was a lay member of the Board of Chiropractic and was a legislative aide to former Rep. Dennis Jones during the early 1980's, helping to re-write many of the laws regulating the profession.

Paul Lambert, FCA General Counsel
A graduate from Florida State College of Law, Paul has been the FCA's general counsel since 1977.  While advising on all legislative matters, Paul brings national perspective to chiropractic issues also serving as president of the National Association of Chiropractic Attorneys.

Guy Spearman
One of Tallahassee's most recognized lobbyists, Guy has been walking the halls of the capitol since 1974.  Previously Guy served on the staff of Former Governor Askew.  Guy specializes in tracking appropriation and finance issues.

Allison Carvajal
Formerly a field representative for the Republican Party of Florida, Allison specializes in legislative relations and grassroots political operations.

Kim Driggers, FCA Asst. General Counsel
A Florida State University College of Law graduate, and accomplished legal counsel, Ms. Driggers joined the FCA in 2008.